Blue Water Concepts, Inc.

About Us

Blue Water Concepts, Inc. is a R&D and engineering firm based out of Southern Maine. 

We specialize in electro-mechanical engineering and design services to take early-stage ideas, technologies, or products and develop them into tangible creations for our clients. We work with a range of global and domestic clients in the industries of renewable energy, marine fisheries, oceanographic research, and consumer products.

Ideal for start ups looking to prove a concept of their own, Blue Water Concepts' team of electrical and mechanical engineers uses cutting edge computer-aided design software and proprietary prototyping techniques to build, modify and develop designs on the fly, keeping costs low and expectations high. 


Our work


Photo of Barosafe Release Device - Early Prototype

Blue Water Concepts has been engaged in a wide array of fisheries-related engineering and design projects, from marine mammal entanglement reduction, to gear modifications, and bycatch reduction devices.



Since our founding, Blue Water Concepts has been involved in energy production technology development, including both small-scale community projects and large-scale commercial applications.



For testing purposes, Blue Water Concepts owns and operates a fleet of commercial vessels that are capable of at-sea testing, as well as an on-site machine shop (including full CNC and CAD services).

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Blue Water Concepts, Inc.